Sunday, February 24, 2008

belt testing

We had a big weekend! The kids participated in their quarterly belt testing. Kalib was testing for high green and did a fantastic job on his form. He is super motivated and works really hard practicing his form. India was testing for purple belt decided and she had to try to break a board to move on... It was intense because the first 2 times she tried she got scared and didn't hit the board hard enough, but finally Master Castro laid down and held the board for her and she got her confidence and did it. The audience was on pins and needles and when she broke the board everyone there cheered. It was a proud moment for mom and dad. Tae Kwon Do has been such a blessing our lives. When India first started she was so timid and now as she continues her practice, she gains more and more confidence and becomes more independent and sure of herself, something Kalib has never really struggled with. It is such a treat to see them blossoming and dedicated in something that requires the commitment and mentality that martial arts does. We are very fortunate to have found a teachers as wonderful as Master Castro and Mr. Hill. They really care about their students and it shows through them.

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  1. India told us her hand turned blue when she broke that board. Ouch!

    Also, hooray for your blog! Have fun with it!