Thursday, October 14, 2010


This little critter was on our back porch the other day. Poor thing was so freaked out. I tried to shew it off, but it wouldn't go anywhere. It sat there on the back porch for quite some time and finally decided to run off - of course that was after we brought Tonka and the cats in. I just can't decide whether possum's are cute or not - at least as babies. I'm definitely not a fan of possum's in general seeing as they ate a bunch of our chickens not all that long ago, but they are wild creatures and they do live in our woods. We expect to see them from time to time, but at least they aren't eating on our back porch anymore (You know they LOVE cat food) and we aren't having issues with them the way we once were (you know eating chickens) - we trapped one back when they were eating our chickens and I left it in the trap all day long in sunlight (which is pure torture for a possum being nocturnal and all) and before we let it out at that night I told it the next time it came up or any of it's family came up and ate our chickens we would kill it this was a one time offer, we haven't really seen them since. Guess animals listen a little more than we think they do.
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  1. Well, THESE pictures are really cute.
    I used to really really hate possums too, but not so much anymore. I wonder what happened?

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