Sunday, August 31, 2008

Meme is RETIRED!!!!!

As of Friday August 29, 2008 at 5:00 pm my mother is RETIRED!!!! I'm so proud of her. She has worked hard and deserves to finally have some time to herself. She worked full time and was an amazing mother to me in spite of me being plenty difficult in my teenage years. She took care of everyone she worked with, she prayed for them when things were going on in their lives that needed prayer, she called them when they were home sick to check on them, she laughed when funny things happened to them, she made sure they all got their time cards in on time so they got paid, she seldom got upset with anyone she worked with and if she did, they deserved it. She doesn't get mad and stay mad - ever... something we could all learn from right?! Anyhow, I don't remember exactly how many years she gave the University. She worked for them before I was born and then took a few years off to tend to me, then went back to work under a different department where she has faithfully served and worked hard and now she is RETIRED!!! What does that mean for us? It means I get to spend time with my mom again! I can't wait! It means when I am having an off day if she isn't off with her sister who I hear has big plans for the two of them, then she can help up out. We've already made plans for the kids to stay with her on Wednesday nights so she can take them to a class on Thursdays that I haven't been able to have them in because of my work schedule. (I'm already taking full advantage of her). I'm mostly excited for her and the freedom to do things she wants to do and the time she will have to do them. Maybe she'll start making her own clothes again, or find some new interesting hobby. Maybe she and my aunt will venture off to places unknown without their faithful chaperon, my cousins wife, Crystal. Who knows, I'm just excited that she doesn't have to go to work anymore - a day she has patiently been waiting for for a very long time!

Here are pictures from her retirement party. My Aunt Janice drove in from Carrolton with my cousin Scott and his wife Hannah, and my cousin Teresa and her husband Roger came from Blue Ridge, and my cousin Jay and his wife Crystal came from Elberton to celebrate with her and what a treat to have family here, it happens so seldom and it meant the world to my mom and it was nice to visit with them in my home town! She had tons of people come to her party because so many people know what a loss it is going to be for the many departments she served and they did appreciate her in so many ways.

My mom, so very happy of this HUGE step in her life!

Her very large cake.Some of the folks that were there and the beautiful room we were in at the Student Learning Center on campus.My mom and her former (as of Friday) boss Mike as he was telling everyone how much they were going to miss her. My mom and her first boss from that department Doug Matthews (he was always my favorite of all the directors she worked for) I'm really glad she started on such a good note and ended with such a good director. She was lucky to work for these men - they appreciated her the way a boss should.My mom very happy to see my cousin Scott and his wife Hannah sort of hidden behind my cousin Teresa. (They drove 2 1/2 hours to get here)

My mothers partner in crime her sister Janice. If you look closely you can see the resemblance of these two. They talk the same and they could pass for twins very easily except my Aunt Janice is a little older than my mom - which she never lets her forget.

Congratulations mom! I love you!