Monday, October 13, 2008

Friday Dance Party...

Jason and I were flying solo this weekend. India and Kalib went out of town with my folks, so we made some big plans. On Friday night, he and I went to the COUNTRY ROCK, yes folks, that is right, the COUNTRY ROCK. I even wore my boots. We went to dance because evidently that is about the only place left in town to dance at. We got there at 10 pm and stayed until 2 am when the doors closed. Jason and I both danced more than we have in years together. I can't believe I'm saying (and Holly would certainly be laughing and saying I told you so), but we had an incredible time. Dancing is such freedom and the mix of people there was just awesome. The music was... not so good... but it didn't matter. We were there to shake it up and we did. Jason was even doing splits by the end of the night and I did a line dance. That's right... I said it. A line dance and laughed through the whole thing. The whole night was just a well deserved blast. Of course, Saturday, we had to sleep all day to catch up on sleep, but it was still worth it. We are ready to go again.
We have lived up the street from this place for 11 years and we have never stepped foot in there, but now that we have, I feel sure we will go back. Talk about serious stereotyping... I spent all these years assuming it was not a place I could have fun being artsy fartsy as Tracey calls us, but I have been proven wrong and am thankful for it. Truth is, whatever you are doing can be fun if you have the right perspective... At least most things can be.
So, we slept most of the day on Saturday and hit the grocery and came home to snuggle up and watch movies. Another much needed night, and Sunday, we cleaned and culled through again and got the house back in almost tip top shape except my desk, which is just a lost cause.
All together, it was a great weekend full of snuggles and smooches and FUN!!!! We all need more fun in our lives!

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