Thursday, August 19, 2010


I have a dear friend, who is so young, who is fighting cancer with everything she has. She was in the Shakti Project when I was lucky enough to join. She has since moved back to ATL and has gotten married and now, she is fighting lymphoma all within about a year and a half. Eve is such a beautiful woman in every way possible. When I think of her, I think of the most radiant white light, looking at her is like looking and being near an angel. She has a smile you can't help but notice because she doesn't just smile with her mouth, her eyes shine, her body lights up and her smile fills the room. She is fighting hard and staying positive and she has a lot of amazing support around her. She has already gone through Chemo once and yesterday she had surgery to have the tumor removed. The surgeon was able to get it all, so I'm not sure what her next step is. I think she has to have more treatments, but it is all moving so fast because she has an aggressive form of cancer that I can't keep up. What I can do is be supportive, continue dancing knowing right now she isn't, and love her from afar. The Shakti Project decided to do up a care package for her, so she got cards and yummy smelling oils, and lots and lots of love... I sent her this... Get well soon, Eve, we love you!


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