Tuesday, January 25, 2011

making my space work

The weaving was by far one of the funnest things I have done in a while with backgrounds.  It's all finished and stitched and is awaiting an image which I have gotten traced and begun work on (photos coming, I promise).

I'm still trying to figure out just where I am going to put my new giant lightbox to make using it easier.  I'm thinking I'm in the market for a coffee table or maybe a sturdy tv tray it can sit on. We have a card table I may use temporarily until I figure out exactly what I need and want. The card table is really too big for my cramped quarters.  I am planning on doing a little rearranging this afternoon to see what I can figure out. New toys always mean some adjustment to my already super small space. I promise one day I will work up the nerve to take a photo of my tiny space.  You will be surprised when you see it.  Every time I take a picture of it I'm embarrassed because no matter what I do it looks messy. There's just so much stuff and so little space.

Small spaces force me to not go overboard when buying stuff since I really have no where to store anything else. It also really helps me to use what I already have rather than always seeking new things. I recently used up the last of some the first fabric I bought 11 years ago on my first trip to MaryJo's - but don't get me wrong, buying fabric is one of my favorite things to do. (Imagine that?!) Rather than buying whole yards of fabric I keep to 1/2 yards or under and mostly fat quarters since it takes so long to use up a piece. I even save little scraps and am working on getting those organized to be better about using them up. My kids helped me recently by cleaning up my fabrics and refolding and reorganizing them. They even coordinated them by shade for me. I love it and think it is worth doing and keeping that way. I had forgotten how awesome it is to reach for fabric and be able to find exactly what I am looking for without having to sift through it. I also try to stay organized with all the other stuff and I try to keep all my similar items together so things are easier to find in my cramped quarters. My beads are organized in one box, sequins in one box, ribbons and yarns have their own space, tulle has it's own box all trying to hide out in our closet. Then, Jason is sweet enough that he allows me to overflow into his cramped quarters when I'm working on a project because I tend to need to spread out. I'm one lucky woman.

I hit Jason's grandfather up for a small shelf that will fit between my ironing board and the wall.  I want it to house my thread which is in a basket right now looking awful and all wound up together.  It's hard to sift through and find what I'm looking for.  I was thinking it would be awesome to have all my thread easily seen, but still out of the way, so I have to keep in mind where this sweet shelf will go when he gets to it.  (He's a great woodworker - we even talked about it having dowels to hold the thread, though now I don't think I really need that).  How cool would it be to have all my thread easily seen and easily accessible, but out of the way and color coordinated?  What a day dream for me... My friend, Jennifer put hers on the wall using a curio shelf and arranged it by color and I have been wanting to steal the idea since I first saw it.  I have no more wall space  anywhere around my table, so it can go under my ironing board and best of all it will be right beside me the whole time I sew.

One other thing I do is try to clean up after myself when I finish a project and put everything back where it goes before pulling out for the next project.  I have found for myself when I create more chaos I stay away and by simply taking the time to clean up I get more accomplished.  Now, if I could just get into the habit of tidying when I finish each day... Well, that is certainly something to aspire to.  New homework for me.

What do you do to keep your space organized? 


  1. So much of my organizational approach relies heavily on the premise that everything has a place. It's waaay easier for me to clean up my stuff if it has a specific home. Even if that home is just a basket or container.

  2. Your piece is beautiful, Sarah!
    My space--I usually let it go for a little while and then tackle it when my project is done. Messy areas squash my creativity, so once a week, or more often, things get put away...so that I can take them out again.

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  4. that. is. beautiful