Saturday, January 25, 2014

dive deep

In a revival of creativity and self reflection I am back to blogging.  I was trying out a different interface through my website, but have decided I don't really like it. So, here I am back to this blog in hopes of feeling inspiration to write as much as I can...

This quilt is all about the process of diving deep into ones self.  There is so much I can say on this process both from personal experience and having witnessed people looking at their own personal stories and seeing how attachment to what was can keep us from moving forward in life.

I am forever grateful to know how to look deep and look hard at the patterns and wounds within the essence of myself that I want to transform into new healthier patterns and releasing those wounds, tending the scars and allowing new stories from within to evolve.

Through the process of "diving deep" my life gets better.  I find more joy.  I find more connection to self and to those around me. In my mind, this can only be a good thing!

Here's to more soul searching and more joy and more happiness!

Until next time-

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