Sunday, June 8, 2008

paynes creek

We went to Paynes Creek on Lake Hartwell this weekend to do some car camping on the water before it is too hot to camp near a big body of water and enjoy it. This is the first time EVER that India and Kalib have slept in their own tent. Here is their tent! We are proud of them for being brave. Jennifer brought her kids up on Saturday. They all had a really great time. They did A LOT of swimming as well as building a really cool "mud" castle. I couldn't keep enough sun screen on the kids because they rub it off when they come out from under the water. They were cooked and ready for bed Saturday night before it was even dark. We roasted Marshmallows and off to bed they went. Jason and I were not far behind all that sun wears you out fast.
This is the view from our camping spot. The spot was pretty nice. It was in full shade for most of the day, so even though it was hot it wasn't as hot as being out in the direct sun and we could sit in the shade while the kids swam.
Alligator swimming
living easy... this is the life

She is most certainly NOT afraid of a little mud!

The mud castle (couldn't really be called a sand castle, because it was mostly mud!

India looks like a worn out flamingo.

Kalibs face is so red even the whites of his eyes were red, but it wasn't for lack of trying to keep sunscreen on them, they just rubbed it off.

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  1. Thanks again for inviting us out! The kids and I had a BLAST and we look forward to camping somewhere like that soon (maybe at the other end of this hot summer!) Daisy and Hazel's faces were pretty red too- I guess they wipe off their sunscreen when they swim as well.