Wednesday, November 12, 2008

TKD testing

I had big plans to make this exciting video now that I have a fancy new video camera, but I haven't quite figured out how to do that yet, so these will have to do for now, but know it is coming. India and I are working hard on figuring the software all out so we can make cool videos!

Kalib was going for his purple belt decided and he had to break a board for the first time at testing. Board breaking is hard. It hurts. He tried a couple of times, but the first time he hit the board with the wrong part of his hand and lost his confidence. Thanks to Master Castro for being so awesome to get in the floor and help him out! He did the same with India the first time she had to break a board at testing. Here's Kalib breaking his board with Master Castro. It really is an awesome thing to be there and see them do something and see them know they have the power to do it within themselves.

Here is India doing her blue belt form. She was going for her blue belt decided.

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