Wednesday, October 1, 2008

On Friday morning...

We met Rachel, Grace, and Luke at Memorial Park to play on the playground. Now that I am working more, I am trying very hard to get us out of the house in the mornings to do fun stuff since our afternoons are filled with being in the office. The geese at Memorial Park are almost overwhelmingly (is that even a word?) tame. You feed them or act like you are going to feed them and before you know, the whole flock has surrounded you and they are following you around the park. I had just been to the grocery store to pick up a few things for the weekend, so we happened to have bread... the geese's favorite food, I think. The girls walked around the lake to chat it up while Rachel and I chilled on the picnic benches. The boys slid down the big hill and did some swinging. Later Alexa and her babes joined us. India is helping Alexa out one day a week by watching her kids while she gets stuff done around the house. India even gets paid for her babysitting. Talk about learning responsibility and doing a good deed. After Alexa got there, I looked up and heard the sounds of a skate board (A sound I know well) and there came Hubb skating down the hill towards us. Talk about a treat! It was a fantastic morning leading up to a fantastic weekend which I will get to tomorrow...
Here's India feeding my brown sugar and cinnamon bagels to the geese. (she ended up running from them to get away when she was done because they just kept following her around.)

On the swing...

Wishing Luke didn't have to go and wanting to walk with the girls around the pond, but they needed to have their time to talk about whatever it is they spend so much time talking about.

Hubb swinging with Luke

The Girls playing with Abram. Elli somehow didn't make it into any of the pictures.

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