Friday, October 3, 2008

and the weekend...

On Friday of last week, I went to Lake Oconee with some of my favorite women. We stayed overnight on both Friday and Saturday and had such a wonderful time. We spent most of Friday night down by the water talking about letting go of things in our life which needs to be released and as we journey into the fall and winter and as the earth slows down, it is a good time of year to be focusing on what needs to be let go of and what we need to put to sleep. I love thinking about life in terms what is natural in this world. We put all our stuff on the table and as a representation of our letting go of whatever is holding us off our paths, we fashioned a little boat out of a paper bag (well, Sarah Cook did) and then we filled it with items representing each of the four elements of earth, air, fire, and water. The earth we placed in it was leaves and bark and a sweet gum ball. It was a gorgeous representation of decay. Then we placed a beautiful seed pod that looked like a feather with seeds that were taken away when the air blows in it. As we set it in the water, we lit it on fire (which proved to be difficult, for some reason it didn't want to light - I guess we could see that as our resistance to holding on to these things, but we finally got it lit and set it on the water). It was beautiful and I'm thankful for the peace it has already brought into my life because when I feel burdened, I can let go and remember the boat. On Saturday, we spent the day on the water taking in the last of the sunshine for the year. Some of ladies decided to get into the water (it was really cold). Here's Jennifer contemplating the water... It was tempting. I ended up getting in on Saturday night, but I didn't get in beyond my hips because it was too cold... Something else I always appreciate about our overnights is the food. There is always so much of it and such good food and foods we would seldom treat ourselves to. It is all about gluttony and allowing ourselves the freedoms we wouldn't normally let ourselves have. It is all about letting go so that when we come back, we are refreshed and remember why we make the choices in life we make even though sometimes they are hard choices...
On Saturday night, we got around to playing cards (poker and I'm no good at it) and having a dance party in the living room. Talk about some serious letting go. I love the release I get from moving my body and doing it while with such great ladies is even more of a treat. There are no rules and nothing to hold us back, just moving and whether we dance good or not doesn't matter, we just move and feel our bodies. That was a treat I really needed. I have been missing dancing and we danced for a very long time.
On Sunday, while cleaning up, we all congregated in the kitchen while waiting on the dishwasher and the sheets to dry. Just talking... talking... talking... connecting... clearing space and our heads... That is what it is all about. Getting in touch with ourselves and reconnecting to the self which so easily gets lost in Babylon and motherhood.

Thank you beautiful women for sharing your time with me and for all the cleansing I got so I could come home and return peaceful and be the best me I can be.

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  1. You have made it your personal challenge to see how many times you can post pictures of me in a bathing suit on your blog, haven't you? ;P

    Thanks again, it was so wonderful being there with you and everyone else.