Monday, November 16, 2009

in addition to horse back riding

Jason's grandfather made me a chest out of walnut... Similar to the chest he made India for Christmas last year. It is gorgeous and now lives in my living room and holds our blankets and has a lovely seat on top where I put a lamb's wool pad under the window to encourage sitting, but not drinks. Jason's grandfather is so thoughtful and he knows how much I appreciate the handmade items he has made for us in the past. I just love them because I know how much work and attention goes into them and he is also all about the detail just like I am with my quilts. I love it and am so grateful for it because we've had our blankets in an old black trunk I bought at Kmart when I was like 10 and it scratches the floor and just looks old and junky and now we have another nice and heavy made of real wood and hand crafted piece of furniture in our home. I was talking to Gobby about his wood working and he pointed out to me that how many people can say not only that their grandfather made them a piece of furniture, but also that the wood itself came from the land. How cool is that? What I love most about items made from wood are the imperfections of the wood and that you get to see the personality of the wood...

Here it is!





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  1. That is so, so beautiful!! What an amazing gift!