Friday, March 25, 2011

Flowers Take 4

On Tuesday, both kids were out of the house at other activities which offered me a nice long length of time at my sewing machine.  Long periods of time sewing seldom happen during the week in my house, but thankfully, they do from time to time.  (I wonder if this has anything to do with me setting my intentions to accept the time I get rather than complaining about the time I do not get. Life sometimes works that way.)

In fact, even when we all got home from the various things we do and I got dinner made I was able to continue to spend time at my sewing machine.  No screen day on Tuesdays is proving to be great for getting a lot of other things accomplished and it is beginning to weave its way into other days - at least for me - no one else seems to be jumping on the band wagon of less computer time and less gaming time.

With all that wonderful and much needed time to myself; I set back to work on the  flowers that have FINALLY started becoming what I have been wanting all along.

I took them all down from the wall and decided to go ahead and do the thread painting on them to put in the flower pistols.  (I'm going to use beads for the stamens at the very end once everything is all sewn down)  

I figured I better make absolutely sure this was the direction they needed to go before I made anymore.

I am SUPER happy with them.

Naturally, the flowers took on a slightly different shape. No matter how many pictures I took to help me remember what they looked like before I took them down they still ended up taking on a different shape.  Once they had the thread on them they looked totally different and needed to lay in different ways to keep them looking "natural."  

Looking at it now, the lovers look like they are actually sitting in the flowers rather than on the flowers and this is what I originally had in mind anyhow and I was just going about it all the wrong way.  

Oh those blasted humps we have to conquer sometimes in life.  I hope this means some other obstacle in my life I have to overcome will happen soon.  You know those obstacles. The ones that are always living in our minds and no matter how hard we try to pretend like they are not there, they are and we just keep having to work on them until we get them right?  That's how I'm feeling these days in life and in my creativity (which are forever intertwined).  My journey with this quilt of creation through the Shiva and Shakti energy, trying to create something new and do something different - it is never easy, but always worth the work involved in getting it right.  

It's all a birthing process which is never easy.


  1. Lovely piece! I didn't understand what the purple was in the close up until I went to some back posts! What a lot of work, but it is turning out so awesome!!! I thought about checking out your photographer, but I am guessing Athens is in Georgia and not just down the road from me in Athens,Ohio. LOL

  2. You would be correct, but if you were here he would be the man for the job!

  3. Wow, Sarah, this post made me cry. I love how you make the quilting obstacles and challenges a metaphor for life's difficulties. Really beautiful work. I just started reading your blog from a link in ACP. Shazaam! I'm hooked =)