Tuesday, February 16, 2010

snow day

As most of you know, it snowed on Friday. Last years snow fall pretty much did me on snow. I was already not a big fan of it, but then being without power for 5 days made me really not like it. Yes, it is pretty, and yes, it is fun, but I like it for a couple of hours and then I want it to go away. It's cold and wet - two weather related circumstances I generally don't like which we have been experiencing a LOT of this year. Anyhow, I'm not such a spoil sport that I can't appreciate my kids and HUBBy having a good time playing in the snow. On Friday as it started to come down, I had running around I HAD to do. It couldn't wait, so the kids and I trekked out to the mall and we hurried to get home in plenty of time for them to play play play... We got home with 2 hours of sunlight left and they got right to work with the neighbor kid, Emerson, building not a snow man, but a snow wall with massive balls of snow!









We also went for a walk in the woods which is my favorite thing to do when it snows. I love the sound of the footsteps and how quiet the woods are. It is so rare to be in them when they are just silent. There are no pictures though because it was getting too dark.

On Saturday, the kids had a blast before it started melting and unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures on Saturday either?! So, not like me! I had other things on my mind, I guess.

Anyhow, I'm glad we got a good snow, one the kids could really enjoy, and I'm glad it is gone and I hope if we get anymore that it comes on a weekend again!

ps.. I know the date on the pictures is wrong. We were using Kalib's camera and I can't figure out how to change the date :(

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  1. I know what you mean- I enjoyed the beauty of the snow but did not want to play in it much myself. I left that to Jason and the kids as well and just took photos.
    That wall is awesome and makes me think of all the huge stuff we built from snow when I was a kid in Minnesota. You guys have so much open space over there- perfect for rolling huge balls! We run out of snow too fast in our little yard :)