Wednesday, May 14, 2008

pickin' strawberries

A highlight of spring is strawberries. This year, it was just us and the Brays, Beatrice and Elijah as I just didn't get it together to get everyone involved, but we still had a wonderful time. The kids and I all got swing on the swing of death, we got some scrumptious berries (we only got 2 gallons above the other 4 belong to the Cooks and the Brays). Now, I need to make us a lemon pound cake and get some cool whip and have some strawberry shortcake! I can't wait!

Here's Kalib holding up a big one. The bigger the better they like them.

India picking - look she has her bucket almost full.

Me on the swing of death. The kids were having so much fun, I just couldn't miss out on it.

This is my favorite picture of the day. Kalib completely buried in corn. He's up to his ears in corn!!!!
There are more pics here:

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