Sunday, May 18, 2008

a trip to lake oconee

The Lakehouse is one of our favorite places to go. India took her very first step EVER there. It was her first Halloween. She wasn't even 1 yet. Kalib was conceived there. (TMI I know). This place holds so many wonderful memories for us. We are super lucky to have friends who let us use it and hopefully, they know how much we appreciate it. It is very hard for me to narrow things down to just a few pictures. I took over 300. Crazy, I know. My family is just so happy when we are there and I get to see and experience so much peace, I just can't bring myself to put my camera down too much when this smile might be bigger than the one before...

So, here is a picture of the wonderful house. It is very different from the other houses in the neighborhood. What I like best is how secluded you feel even though the neighbors are just next door. The yard is inviting and I just feel like I am there and no one else in the world is. (I'm such a hermit), but I love to get away from the business of life and take a break. I finished 2 books and started a third one and am about 1/2 way through it. That's how peaceful it is here, but I get the peace and get to enjoy my family at the same time. What more could I ask for? I need to continue working on how to have a life that doesn't require me to get away to fully appreciate what a wonderful life we have. Here's India jumping off the dock. The water was super cold, but she doesn't care. She goes until she can't talk anymore without chattering.

Here's Kalib doing a cannonball off the dock. I love my camera. It has this burst setting where I can just take pics as they run and get them over the water as they go in. Super cool! Kalib, unlike India gets out when he starts to feel chilled. He can't wait to go back later in the summer when the water will be warmer. Here they are in the raft. They would get it out far enough to flip it safely, climb back on and do it again.
Me. We all got cleaned up and went into Madison for dinner and an ice-cream cone. I decided to dress up a little. When we got back, we went back down to the water to watch the sun set and let the kids do some night swimming.

A nice pic of me and Hubb. There aren't very many of us. Have I ever mentioned how much I love that man? I know, I know, I have...
Hubb getting some sun and doing some drawing and painting. Even his shins are sunburned.
Another beautiful sunset...

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