Wednesday, May 6, 2009


This is the Jack the Dog.

The kids were at our friend Rachels playing with her kids Grace and Luke the other day. They were playing in the woods behind her house at the creek and they came upon Jack laying in the water looking like he was unable to get out of the water. The talked to him and reassured him and one of them went up to the house to get Rachel. She called Animal Control and a dog looking just like Jack had been reported missing, so they called the owner and sure enough it was Jack. They ended up having Animal Control help to get Jack up out of the water and up the steep hill behind Rachels house. The whole time the adults were waiting on help the kids were talking to Jack and letting him know he was going to be ok. After talking with Amy(the dog owner) they discovered that Jack is both deaf and mostly blind. If he had have stayed in that water, he may very well have died because he had hurt his leg, so they saved this dogs life by helping him. We are so proud of them for being such caring people and for the kindness they showed Jack.

The owner rushed Jack to the Vet and his hips hurt, but they weren't "hurt" which was eccelent news and his arthritis was really bothering him due laying in that cold water. She was very happy that her family friend was back and ok and her family decided they wanted to do something nice for the kids. On Wednesday that week I received a call from Rachel that the Smiths would like to have our children over for cake and drinks to thank them for the kindness they had shown, so on Thursday we went and this was the cake she had made.

They also made each kid a card thanking them for the kindness they had shown Jack and in the card was a gift certificate to Barnes-n-Noble. The kids were so proud just being able to help Jack, that this was not expected, but it was deeply appreciated. The Smiths all wanted to hear exactly what happened and how it happened and who did what. Their gratitude cannot be over stated to having Jack back home safely. This was one of the greatest moments in my life seeing that true kindness and caring really does make everyone feel better and makes for a better world. So much gratitude and thanks have been shared in one person simply helping another. It warms my heart and gives me hope that we are not so far gone that we are unable to appreciate one another and lend our brothers and sisters a helping hand when they need it.

Lastly, here are the Smith children with Grace, Luke, India, Kalib and Jack. Jack was happy and all the kids were happy and balance was restored.

You guys ALL rock!
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  1. Sarah,

    That was very sweet blog post... I love all of the pictures, too! I'll show it to the crew tomorrow. It was a really good moment in our lives, too! Thank you. Love, Amy

  2. That was incredible how your children were so protective of him and caring. He is a great dog. Thank you for saving Jack.
    Love, Ali (Amy's sister) <3