Thursday, May 7, 2009


On April 25, Kalib participated in the TKD tournament at the Y. India decided not to do it this time, but she was there encouraging her brother and helping me take pictures. It was a tough tournament this time. Kalib got his really hard and fell on the floor really hard and bruised his elbow, but thankfully, I remembered to take the Bumps n Bruises Homeopath with me and he was back up and fighting in no time. He really loves his Martial Arts lessons and takes them to heart. He's also doing a Ninja Scouts class 2 times a month where he's learning some Kung Fu and Tai Chi with our good friend Carl. The lessons that Martial Arts teach are invaluable. I am so thankful that both kids are learning them and carrying them with them into the daily lives. Here's Kalib performing his Blue Belt Recommended Form:

And here he is receiving first place in his division for a job well done!

This is his first sparring mach of the day. He was well matched against this kid. And Kalib loves sparring! I think it is his favorite part of TKD!

And here he is receiving 2nd place in his division for sparring!

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