Tuesday, November 4, 2008


One of the things I did first when I turned 18 was to register to vote. It was something I really wanted to be able to do. Proof that I was an adult. Does that mean I acted like one? Certainly not, but I could vote. It is something I have always taken pride in being able to do. I remember going with my mom to vote as I was growing up and I enjoy taking India and Kalib with me. I feel like it is a privilege to live in a country that I get to vote on my choice for who will lead it for the next 4 years. It doesn't mean I agree with the way the people are chosen that eventually run for president, but I do feel like it is my civic duty as an American Citizen to get out and show my opinion even in a small way. Progression happens when the people speak up. If we don't like how things are going, we have the opportunity to let our voices be heard and we can change the system. We do have that power. Some days it doesn't feel like it, but when we come together in large quantities and vote things happen. So, today, I voted and I feel great about it. I know we don't all agree on the candidates, but I feel excited to be a part of history in the happening and I feel proud to be raising our children to know they are lucky to live in a country where we get to make a choice.

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