Sunday, October 11, 2009

Day 4

We were out late, so we slept in. I was pretty homesick by Sunday. I had only been able to talk to Jason and the kids once for 10 minutes, so I was really wanting to hear their voices and finding myself missing them, plus Costa Rica is paradise and I was emotionally overwhelmed by my whole adventure. We had seen everything I really wanted to see animals, plants, ocean..., I had gleaned lessons a plenty, tapped back into my heart and had become present in the moment again, met some amazing people, the list goes on... I cried very easily and was thankful we did not have anything planned for the day other than getting souvenirs and spending a little more time on the coast and in Dominical.

This is Dominical beach...


Dominical is a small secret surfing destination...


The beach didn't have seashells it just had these flat rocks and some were volcanic rock because there is an active volcano in Costa Rica... maybe I'll visit that when I go back along with climbing the trees...


4 tired girls...

city of Dominical... no paved roads and kind people everywhere.


After spending the last time in the city... we went back to the villa to have some down time and finally some resting... I took the walk to the waterfall for some time of reflection on my trip for myself... The villas are named for this waterfall and the pictures really don't do it justice...

This is view from the top (you can't see the lower half)

The view from the bottom (you can't see the top half from here):

The time I was able to spend here really grounded me and cleared my mind. I felt so fully immersed in the beauty of everything around me and all that I had experienced and seen. So many dreams came true for me on this journey even as short as it was... Costa Rica connected me even more to our Earth and a much deeper understanding of our human potential became much clearer. I feel more present in the moment, in the NOW, than I have ever felt (at least in years) and I am so thankful for it. I hope I am able to keep that alive in myself for many days to come.

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  1. That is so, so swesome! I am so glad that you were able to gain those gifts of wisdom. Thank you for sharing your journey!!