Monday, October 12, 2009

coming home

Costa Rica is paradise... On Monday we woke again at 5:30 am (7:30 GA time) so we would be ready when our shuttle arrived to make the long journey back to GA. This vacation was just the right length of time. By the time we got back to GA at 10:00 pm I was so ready to breathe GA air and so sad to leave such an amazing place behind. I would have loved to have stayed longer if Jason, India, and Kalib had have been with me... you might have had to make me come home... Jason was kind enough to pick me up at the airport and I think he missed me as much as I missed him because he brought me a rose and big kiss... If any of you have ever doubted how much I love my man, doubt no more... he is a GOOD man and I love him more than I could ever write on my blog... not that anyone really needs reminding of how much I love him!

Anyhow, I promised days ago pictures of our room:

The jacuzzi bathtub:

the shower:

wet bar area:

mine and Ashleys bed:

They had statues all around the place to ward of bad energy:




The steps going up to our villa:

moments before leaving Cascadas Faralles:

On the way back to San Jose we were all somber and talking about what gift it was that we got to see and do so much and how everything we experienced was beautiful and magical and then Randall, our driver, pulled over to the edge of the road for us to take a look because we were making really good time... and this is what we were graced with an hour before getting into the real choas of our travel home...

a mama sloth and her baby on low branches of a tree... such a gift from the heavens for us... a lasting reminder to take it slow and to truly appreciate life... PURA VIDA! I have ALWAYS loved sloths - everything about them and having the opportunity to be so close... it was like I was 10 again. I really felt alive and so thankful for that moment... I am eternally grateful for the presence I learned while in Costa Rica and seeing this sloth felt like a gentle reminder to take everything back with me and stay present that life is full of beauty when we allow it to be and when we take one day at a time...



Then, we turned around and saw this view:


The most beautiful place in the world mine eyes have yet to behold... Costa Rica... the rich coast... to say the least...

So, I'm home now, and glad to be... it was a big adjustment back into the world of Television, computers, phones, schedules, and work, but I am grateful for my life and to know more about myself and grateful for all of our family and friends and to know that somewhere like that exists and I can always return and I am the only thing standing in my way of living my life like there is no tomorrow because really all we have is today...

Thank you Holly, Ashley, and Aglisha for helping me return to me and for reminding me that crazy fun girl we all love still resides inside me and she has been begging to come out and she is BACK and ready to LIVE!

PURA VIDA!!!!! my friends! PURA VIDA!!!!

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