Tuesday, March 29, 2011

India's Tuesday Photo

Tuesday is technology off day in our home.  Mama is allowed to check in to her e-mail a few times a day for important things, but otherwise we all stay off the computers, the tvs, the gaming devices, and spend the day creating, writing, taking photo's, and playing games. We are working on staying connected to one another rather than the world for one day a week.  The only devices we use around here on Tuesdays are our music players and anyone who knows us knows how much we love music!

Because it takes me up to an hour to post a blog post and because my daughter, who is 12, takes amazing photos, we have decided to team up on Tuesdays here on the blog and she will post a photo she has taken during the week to share with you all rather than me writing a long post and being on the computer.

Enjoy!!!  And PLEASE leave her comments if you feel so inclined!  She loves GOOD feedback.


  1. This could be a mundane subject for a photo, but you've turned it into an intriguing essay with your composition and the use of the filter, which I usually dislike. I find myself wondering what event has taken place or is planned and feeling pulled by the obviously beautiful spring day. Nice!

  2. Wonderful depth of field.....not easy to get!!!

  3. This is a really great photo, India! I like it a lot!!