Wednesday, March 30, 2011

What's that noise?

When I am quilting, I often wonder what other people do while they quilt.

As much as I LOVE quilting sometimes it gets a bit monotonous and I need a bit of noise to keep me company in the very back of the house where my small little studio space is.  The kids will occasionally join me in my little corner, but there isn't a lot of room so they don't usually stay with me for too long.

More often than not I listen to music.  I love to just turn my player on and let it play for hours on shuffle never knowing what's going to come through the speakers.  Sometimes I even surprise myself by what I have on there.  I have a microsoft Zune player rather than an IPod (I know talk about living in the dark ages). I love it because I am able to have a subscription to endless amounts of music to download for one monthly price rather than having to buy everything I listen to. ITunes would take all of our money for the amount of music we listen to on a daily basis between the four of us if we had to buy every single track or album.

I've been listening to a lot of music without words lately (that's how I describe it anyhow). I've been tuning into Pandora and listening to some classical music, jazz, and trance.  I also often download podcasts through the Zune software (ITunes has them also) and other websites like  I listen to those when I need a change.  

Some people have televisions nearby they are able to watch.  We don't have cable, although, we do have a TV in our bedroom (which is where my very small studio space is set up).  Our TV faces away from my sewing table and faces the bed so J and I can lay in bed and watch movies or old television shows we rent from NetFlix before bed if we aren't reading.  Sometimes I bring my laptop to my table and catch up with the few shows I actually watch on Hulu or find a movie to watch instantly on NetFlix. We are so behind on the times (or so cheap).

Sometimes I listen to books on tape.  I'm a big fan of tween fiction books rather than adult fiction.  Our library system has the Georgia Download Destination where with a Georgia library card you can borrow books online and download them to your music players so I have quite a few books I can listen to.  And they also have tons of audio books on the shelves, so I often check them out for the "kids" then I listen to them too.  I used to own all the Harry Potter Books on Audio and I have misplaced them, but I've listened to them at least 3 times each.   And I often download books from, which has books in the public domain (classic reading) and they are free to download.

Do you need entertaining while you quilt occasionally?  What do you do?

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