Thursday, March 31, 2011

Ashley Is Officially Hitched

On March 12, 2010 my dear friend Ashley FINALLY got hitched to her long time fiance Kris.  Can we all give them a big round of applause for finally taking the plunge into marital bliss?!  

I am so excited for them as I am a true believer in wedding vows bringing us closer together if we allow them to.  Once we are married there is a whole new level of commitment.  

To me, marriage vows are an acceptance of the work a marriage partnership is going to take.  No one says it is ever easy, but with a commitment to be there and be present and to work and communicate it is an experience in love like no other.  To put it more simply it is an acceptance of where we are in our hearts and we are going to be together and do the work and do it well and try to enjoy and learn from the bumps in the road.  Marriages do not always work out.  Sometimes the work is just too hard with the bumps seeming more like mountains. Sometimes, the commitment has to come come to an end. That's ok too. To me, the vows simply bring both people to the table at that moment saying, "let's do this thing and see where it takes us."

I believe in Ashley and Kris and their new beginning and their new commitment to one another.

They got married in Costa Rica, which is the most beautiful place I have ever been to. Unfortunately, as many of you know, I was not able to attend the wedding due to financial circumstances.  It was hard to be happy and sad all at the same time.  I knew my friends were having the time of their lives and their worlds were turning up side down - Costa Rica has that impact on people. I was SO happy for them, yet, I was here, doing my day in and day outs while my heart yearned to be soaking up sunshine and adventure with many of the people I love most.  

Every day they were there, they sent me a note to say hi and tell me they missed me.  Talk about GREAT friends - while in Costa Rica they took the time to remember little ol' me at home and let me know they wished I was there.  Not just once. But Every. Single. Day.  I couldn't ask for better friends - they were there for a little over a week.  They certainly made me feel loved and I missed them like crazy too!

They took photos of the wedding and posted them on FaceBook as soon as it was over. (I cried and cried) Ashley looked beautiful. Kris got to wear his flip flops. When they got home, I got to hear the ceremony written by our friend, Holly, whom I have known about as long as I can remember. They made sure I felt like I was part of it all - even from a distance.  I think my friends love me and I hope they know how much I love them back.

Here are the photos of Ashley using the ring bearer's pillow I made especially for them!

Isn't it just lovely the way their rings fit into one another as perfectly as they do on there?

The happy couple sending me the thumbs up with rings off the pillow and on their hands!  

YEAH!!! THEY ARE MARRIED!!!! (caps lock doesn't even cover my joy)

And in this one, Ashley has her arm around the invisible me - she even remembered to hold her arm down a little low to make sure it would go around my short little self. 

Isn't she just gorgeous in the dress!  She even called me that day (which costs a fortune) to tell me it was official - she was hitched!  

Ashley, you are truly a great friend.  One of the most loyal friends I have ever known.  You teach me how to be a true friend and you certainly keep the bar high for what friendship should be.  My love for you overflows out of my heart!  I am unbelievably happy for you and I know you and Kris are going to spend many many years happily together!  Sometimes the work is hard, but when we let it, it is often so rewarding!

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