Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Here's a picture of what will hopefully be our garden by the end of summer. It will stretch to just where the trees look like they end and up to the ridge you really can't see in this picture. Jason keeps worrying we aren't going to have enough room to grow a lot, I keep thinking we are going to be VERY busy.

He has actively been picking up leaves to mulch with. At Kalib's last count we were up to 50. That was on Saturday, but he's been around for more since then...

In this space, he has moved a couple of the nankin Cherries from our yard so they can grown even bigger than they already were. Hopefully, we'll get even more cherries this year than last. (Here's what they looked like in May of last year.)

As soon as he gets home, he's busy until dark. I can't wait until we are busy picking all this food and getting it ready for us to have in Winter. You guys are going to be calling us the Ingles before long... (One can dream...)
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  1. your right one can dream. But I really don't think that is going to happen. Bye the way those cherries looked great how did they taste

  2. ummmm yum!
    let me know if you get tired of them there cherries!
    having any size garden space is going to keep you busy....have fun!