Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Cherries and more cherries...

When we got home from the lake on Sunday we discovered that our cherry bushes were completely covered in cherries. YUMMY!!! We were too tired to mess with them on Sunday, but they have to get picked as soon as they are ripe or you loose them and the cherries only produce for about 2 weeks, so we have to eat them and pick them while the getting is good.
Here's Kalibs dish he was filling. If you look closely there is a tiny praying mantis hanging out on the edge. It stayed on there for a while and just hung out with Kalib while he picked cherries.
This is a very cool coccoon of some sort that we found amoung the leaves. We discovered all kinds of wonderful creepy crawlies in the cherries and a few different nests. I saw at least 3 praying mantis nests. They are my favorite insect. Maybe because the female often eats the head of the male after they finish mating or maybe it is because they are just so cool looking with their arms all folded up.
When all was said and done we picked cherries for over an hour and half met all kinds of cool bugs, got sweaty and hot, and picked almost a gallon of cherries. We still have to go back out today and get the ones that ripened last night. Who wants some cherries?

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  1. we picked several cups worth on saturday while you were gone too. they were great! thanks for sharing-