Sunday, February 13, 2011

The jury is In

After quite a bit of sulking, I decided it was time to write this post. (Not really.  We got a puppy yesterday and I haven't taken the time to write because we are smitten and busy playing with our newest member of the family.)

Jason and I received our notices as to whether we got into the Lyndon House Juried Show or not on Friday afternoon.  

I did not get in, but HuBb did. HuBb got 2 pieces in!  (I am so proud of him!)

There are no sour apples at all other than a big fat blow to my ego which I can live with.

I have reminded myself it is one person's opinion and does not mean I am not a valid artist or that my artwork doesn't have value.  It means the juror preferred a different style of work than mine.

I will try again next year and the next and the piece I am working on right now I intend to enter into Houston, so take that whomever you are that juried this show.  You can't hold me back!  I'm just going to keep on trying.


  1. Your work is nothing short of phenomenal. So proud and happy for J. Love you all.

  2. rejections have to happen sometimes if you're putting yourself out there at all. as I recall, JK Rowling got eight for HP. 8!! and can you imagine how phenomenally stupid those 8 people feel now?? just a little ego bruise, like you said. 'grats to da man, you rock on wid it wommon! <3