Thursday, February 3, 2011

A little tease...

I decided last night while working on the new dancing belt I was far enough along to give a teaser photo - partly for you all, partly for my friend Clara just to drive her crazy with anticipation.  I still have to finish with the trim, and get some sparklies on there.  I'm going to add some mirrors and sequins.  This way when she's dancing under the lights her belt will glimmer and catch the lights.

The best part of making these belts are all the sequins and the trims I get to use and experiment with.

I love trims.  It brings me immense joy when I get to go looking for them and the more sparkly, the better.  

These are the trims I'm using on this belt.

 I have done plenty of bead work to last me a life time, so finding it on a spool where it is super easy to sew down is the best!  I picked this up at Hobby Lobby when it was 1/2 off!  Double bonus!  I bought a few spools of it in colors I love.  (I feel sure THIS one is going to pop up again somewhere along the way - no plans for it yet, though.)

This is some really long eyelash yarn I bought when I was trying to find all the right yarns for my Phoenix quilt (Up From).  I didn't end up using it on that project because it was too long. Instead, I have been waiting and waiting and waiting for just the right thing to come along to use it on.  

I LOVE eyelash yarn and I love it when making birds.  It is easy to couch down and it really makes them look like they have feathers.  I buy it whenever it is on sale in colors I don't already have because I know somewhere along the way I will end up using it.  

I might make trim like I did on this belt 

or I might couch it down like in these...

No matter what I do, I have fun in the process!

Stay tuned... I'm almost done with it!


  1. HOLY CRAP, YOU ARE DRIVING ME CRAZY! I can't wait to see the finished product! EEEEpppp!

  2. I love the eyelash yarn myself!