Thursday, May 19, 2011

Yab Yum is finished.

Finishing a quilt is often bittersweet.  It means I can move on to whatever new ideas are churning in my mind, but it also means a completion of the lessons learned during the process and a time for reflection.

 Like most people I tend to cling to ideas and habits and I change along with my quilts and when they are finished the work has taught me so much.

The idea for this quilt started long before my hysterectomy, but the energy to do it came after.  I knew going in I was looking for a new way to perceive life.  A new direction.  I wanted to have a clear root chakra and change the patterns that caused me to be sick in the first place.  This quilt was the catalyst for that.

Now that it is complete, I've been contemplating whether I am changed.  Have I birthed a new me?  I gave myself a year and a day to complete the cycle and looking over the past few months and the lessons I have integrated into my daily habits and thoughts I have to say, "YES! A new me is beginning to surface."  

I am changing.  

We are all changing - constantly.  

Every moment is a new moment and the opportunity to shed the old patterns are being learned and new habits and ideas HAVE formed in me.  

I AM birthing something new.

I often say, birthing is never easy.  It's freaking hard work - physically, mentally, emotionally. 

In reality I really didn't enjoy the being pregnant part of having children.  My body is so small and I felt totally out of control of my body and honestly, my body didn't feel like my own (because I was sharing it with another being).  Everything was changing inside and out.  Pregnancy was the hard part, birthing was the hard work and the final push to new life which has only brought me joy and abundance. 

This is how I am feeling right now. 

I've been gestating - pregnant and here I am today. 

A new woman. 

Changed through the love and lessons and ready to move forward with new patterns and ideas.

I haven't reached my year and a day and I still have plenty of gestating to do, but thanks to the lessons I've learned over the last few months and a commitment to seeing change in myself and my life I am well on my way!  I may never reach the birthing I seek (whatever that is), but I've found joy and gratitude in the process which is all we can really ask for.

I've got 4 quilts in me right now bursting at the seams! (Gotta call myself out on that pun!) So stay tuned!  

Bring on the new medicine! 

Bring on the new lessons!

I made a slide show from the beginning to end with all the photos I've used over the last few months. It's pretty cool to watch it develop this way.  It's only 3 minutes and PLEASE, feel free to share.

See you tomorrow!


  1. Absolutely breathtaking! The slide show is sooo great! It's so fun to watch it come together all in that three minute span, considering how much WORK it actually represents. That combined with your analogy of pregnancy and birth reminded me of those slide shows of women through their pregnancy and the babies in the end. You've birthed yet again more beauty into our world!

  2. Wow. I loved the slide show. It is a wonderful inspiration to see your quilt develop and grow. Thank you for taking the time to share it.

  3. amazing creation... hats off to u....:)