Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Ashley's Pillow is Finished!

I'm all done with Ashley's pillow!

I wanted to add piping around the edge, but it didn't go on too well or look like I thought it would, so I took it off and finished it up without it.  My mom was sweet enough to come over and help me with it, but she didn't have any luck with the piping either.  I think the pillow turned out just fine without it.

Ashley can leave the ribbons on that will hold her rings or not when she gets home! 

AND... for those of you curious enough, here's what the back looks like.

I ended up making a pillow insert rather than using the one I bought, so now, I can make a new pillow for us as well.


  1. The pillow is really beautiful and I like the stitching you did which really added a lot. Glad your blue pen markings came out.....that would have been terrible!

  2. So, so gorgeous and just FILLED with love <3