Monday, February 21, 2011

Little Love Birds

I am almost done with Ashley's ring bearer's pillow.

I finished up the last of the weaving and decided I felt like it really needed something more. Something somewhat subtle.


So, I took some of the advice from the comments on the previous post and decided to add some light thread painting.

I had a VERY hard time trying to trace the image onto the top since it is now three layers thick. Even with my handy dandy light table it was difficult, so I'm now on a mission to find a way to transfer a design directly onto the fabric. (Any quilters out there that have suggestions, PLEASE make them.)

I ended up using a blue marking pen that washes out with water and it made me so nervous marking on the top of my piece. This is the first time I have ever tried this and even though I did test it to make sure it washed out like it said it did it still didn't come out like I think it was supposed to. It absorbed heavily into the ribbon woven in and I had a heck of time getting it out.  I am pretty certain I will NOT do this EVER again.


I kept washing it with my little washcloth and going back to the ironing board to iron it and more blue would appear out of no where. I am certain there is a better way and I'm making it my mission to figure that out.


Once I finally got all the marking pen off, I then ironed it with some steam to make sure it lay flat. Honestly, this is an ongoing issue I have with the heavy thread work, but I'm finding it to be less and less of an issue and stabilizer really plays a big role in helping the thread work to stay flat.



Then, I layered it and got it quilted. I didn't want the quilting to detract from the weaving and all those ribbons, so I kept it very simple and inconspicuous.


Lastly, I trimmed it up. I bought a preform pillow that is 14" X 14", but looking at it all finished up, I am thinking it needs to be a little smaller than this, so I am going to make my own insert and have it be more like 10"X10".  This will also be better for Ashley since she will have to travel with it.  Smaller is better.


Either way, I should be finished in the next couple of days, then I'm back to working on the blue and red piece and the contemplation of a banjo strap!


  1. It looks awesome Sarah! Again, thank you so much! I am impressed!

  2. Great embroidery design Sarah. My suggestion for future blue pen removal is to dip it in water rather than just spraying or daubing it....the wetter the better!!