Monday, January 17, 2011

it's so bright

I know you all need for me to give you yet another reason why Jason Hubbard rocks because I haven't already filled your head with all the great things he does for us, but this one is definitely at the top of my list of awesomeness.

What is it you ask?


It is a giant light box!!! For tracing quilting patterns and drawings. It is a life saver awaiting my use - not to mention the kids love it too! It's been up and running since Friday and Kalib has traced all kinds of slime creatures from dragon quest (his latest obsession) which have then lead to paintings by both he and India.


If you look closely at what Jason is bent over it's going to be my next critter stolen from his sketch book. I've already got a couple of projects ahead of it, but he didn't like the eyeball on it, so he TRACED what he did like and redrew it and in no time it was pinned to my design wall awaiting my attention. It's coming soon. The quilts and works are a flowing through me.

So, how big is this giant light box you ask? Well... it is 24 inches by 32 inches and he managed to build it for right around $60. I have been looking at these for years trying to justify the cost, but they are so expensive and really too small for what I need in quilting. And we have talked about building one before, but it wasn't until recently that I realized it is just absurd that I don't have one. So, while cursing the last of the piecing for the quilt I was working on (I've already started a whole new quilt and I should have the background finished hopefully today or tomorrow) that I turned to this awesome man and said, "I need a light box. This is ridiculous trying to hold this up to the light so that I can see to get the pieces to line up and they slip apart when I bring them back down from the light. Can we please really think about it and build one?" Now, I had recently read a blog post of someone who built one too and that had gotten my brain going again, but theirs was too over done and probably would have cost us a fortune. My loving husband, went to the computer and started looking at them and how to build them and then he realized we had florescent lights under our bed that would work and all we needed was the box and the plexiglass. The very next morning we headed to Lowe's for the 2 pieces of wood he needed and he set to work immediately. The words of my joy cannot be expressed through my typing. Then, the snow came, and I couldn't order the glass. The box, with the lights all wired sat there, taunting me. I was feeling impatient, so at the first sign of things being safe enough for me to get to the glass store and get that piece of plexiglass I ordered it. On Friday he attached it and now I have a giant light box that cost very little compared to the ones I had been looking at and I am just giddy! I'll take pictures of me using it when I get there soon!!! Now, the big question is where am I going to store it? Who cares?! It's going to be out more than put away!

Thank you Jason for being so awesome!

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