Sunday, February 9, 2014

blank canvas

This blank canvas has been taunting me for weeks now - begging me to break out some fabric, some stencils, make some patterns and get stitching - yet an image has been alluding me. Without an image in mind one can only get so far... Sometimes when life is too busy or I am feeling too much stress a blank canvas mocks me.  When an image hides in my mind and won't come out it is often a sign that life is out of balance.  The blank canvas calls to me to slow down and take time for myself - it asks me what am I hiding from?  My mind stays clearer when creativity  is at the center of everything I do.  Like the time I spend at my sit spot time spent behind my sewing machine is time with myself - a time where I can get into the shadows of life and tend to the dust that is trying to settle there.  Shadows can only be ignored for so long... Keeping my mind tidy leads to life flowing more effortlessly and I am all about that.

Thankfully, this blank canvas will not be mocking me for too much longer.  Imagery popped into my mind last night as I was drifting off to sleep.  This in between time of awake and asleep is often my richest creativity time.  Stories become visible and images become clear.  I spent the day getting my stencils ready and now it's time to pick out fabric!

Until next time-


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