Thursday, July 31, 2008

Small Show

Jason was supposed to put up a show at the skate shop this month, but he isn't quite done with a piece that he really wants to put up, so I offered to buy him some time. My few pieces are going to be up there for about 3 weeks. It is a strange venue for quits, but who cares, right? It's up and people are going to see it. My thoughts are it will make a lot of moms happy to have something to look at other than skateboards when they are in there while their kid gets new grip tape or new wheels. Really, it's a treat to get to put it up anywhere, so here it is. If you are on the east side you should drop into the skate shop and check out the cool graphics on the boards and the quilts on the wall.

Also, on August 10, the Lyndon House is having its Full House show, the opening is that day. Not sure if I will be there or not yet, hoping to figure that out in the next few days, but I have 2 pieces that are going to hang there as well. It is always a fun show. The Full House show is where anyone who is in an association or guild that is connected to the Lyndon House can enter work. There is always a lot of great art to be seen there year round anyhow. They work hard at keeping things interesting over there.
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  1. That is really cool- not what you would expect in there but a pleasant surprise to a lot of folks I'm sure! If you ever want my sun for a show, just ask- I'd be happy to loan it back to you! :)