Wednesday, July 30, 2008

tired of pool pics yet?

Back at the pool again on Sunday. We got super lucky this time and Jason came along for the fun and thankfully, it was hot, but not unbearably hot and boy does my family love that diving board (Austin does too - he's even trying to do flips these days off it).

India just looked incredibly happy in this pic and I couldn't leave it out - not to mention she's just beautiful...
Kalib swimming on Daddy's back!
Singing into the pipe.

Off the diving board for like the 1000 time!He's still got it and he managed to get all the way around before hitting the water.
I'm not sure who likes the diving board the most!
India's big focus for this summer - dive and dive well. She's just about got a really good looking dive off the side of the pool, now she has to learn to do it off the diving board. She keeps lifting her head and hitting her chest and belly when she does it off the board, but she's definitely getting there.

Austin making an attempt at a flip off the board. He makes me so nervous. Not because he can't do it, but because he can't get all the way around yet and every time he hits his back so hard. On Sunday when we left, his back was red from trying and trying again. That kid has serious determination! I love that about him and talk about being proud of himself...

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  1. Sweet pictures! Yeah, Aus made me nervous too.