Monday, September 1, 2008

An early birthday party

Yesterday we celebrated Gobby's birthday early. His actual birthday is in November, so it was a big surprise for him when everyone slowing showed up. He had no idea why. We celebrated early this year because he will be out of town in November during his birthday, so why not celebrate it at the end of August? Sandy, Jason's great aunt organized everyone to contribute money to buy Gobby a new grill - you can see his old one in the background of the picture below - the handle was barely hanging on. Now he has a new one with a burner on the side and he's ready to do some grilling. Now, I have to tell you all that Jason's grandfather is easily one of my favorite people in this world. He's wonderfully old fashioned and set in his ways, but not in a threatening way, he is just simple. He is kind hearted and compassionate and when he's around, you know he's glad to see you. It's just something about the way he welcomes you. He is funny and makes jokes and loves to see everyone happy. Since the first time I met him I have really like him and enjoyed his company and when I became one of the family, he welcomed me with open arms. I cannot possibly tell you how wonderful that was for me. Two years ago, he drew my name at Christmas, and anyone who knows me, knows how much I appreciate thoughtful gifts - gifts that are given from the heart. I don't know if that was really Gobby's intention or not, but he bought me little diamond studs that year, he said he could have bought me sewing stuff or life stuff, but he wanted to give me something I would never buy for myself. I put those earrings in that day and I've only taken them out to clean them. I wear them everyday. They were easily one of the most thoughtful gifts I have ever received and they were certainly not something I would have ever bought for myself.

Yesterday, when we gave Gobby his grill I was excited. He works hard at supporting his family and there is nothing more that he looks forward to (as far as I can tell) than having the whole family over and cooking out. He says the kids are too noisy and get into too much and all of us parents need to get them into shape, but I think he loves it. He loves the noise and the energy of having everyone around. I wish we were better at getting over there, but time gets away from us and months have passed before we realize it. So, anyhow, off my soapbox of how great Jason's grandfather is... Here he is looking at his new grill - totally surprised. (that's Jason's Aunt Sandy in the background for those of you who have never met Hubb's family)

Here's Gobby's cake - he's going to be 66 in November and he loves tractors - I mean who doesn't like big tractors right?

Here he is laughing at the absurdity of celebrating his birthday in August, but loving every minute of it - he even started his own happy birthday song!

Lastly, here's the whole family minus Noah (Rod and Tracey's son) he was at the lake with a friend.
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