Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Labor Day

On Monday we had a few folks over. Nothing big, mostly skating and chilling with yummy wine. On Sunday, Jason picked up a skateboard for Austin. (It was used). He painted it and fixed it up for him and gave it to him on Monday when they came over. At first, when Austin climbed up on the ramp, he was just going to grab any board up there to skate on, but as Ashley and I waited patiently (impatiently is more like it), Jason finally gave him the board he fixed up for him. It was super sweet (in typical Jason fashion). Austin wasn't 100% sure it was his until he saw that Jason had painted his name on it. And then, he was really excited. He spent the whole day practicing rolling around on the ramp and it paid off to have Chad (as always) to help him learn to pump. He really started figuring out how to bend his legs to keep himself moving and he'll be tearing it up before long. I hope you've got decent insurance Ashley. Anyhow, here are a few pics from Monday...The Cooks brought along Hoodi... and that pig can squeal. Kalib didn't do any skating until everyone left. I guess it's too much pressure to skate when there is an audience and his bud Elijah was here to hang out with too. Did I mention that the food was just... amazing?! I made potatoes, Sarah also made potatoes and beans and Salmon, I also made chicken and squash, Kris Cook brought a london broil that he had fixed up and a salad, Chad and Susan brought Scuppernongs (or muscadines - depends on who you ask). We had wine and chips and some seriously good humus... mmmmm... makes my mouth water. Checking out that it really is his name on the board. This kid has got serious focus!Hoodi's getting bigger and man can she squeal - she does NOT like to be held or touched beyond giving her a bottle.Hubb getting ready to drop in And finally a picture of Chad - This is actually the beginning of a video I shot of him. He's got a torn rotator cuff, so those sweet wives that were all here razzed him all day about being safe while skateboarding, but the truth is, you can not stop them from skating if we wanted to. It is so deeply ingrained in who they are - it is their way of life and they pay for it from time to time, but they always get back up and do it again... I admire this about skate boarders who are truly in love with the life!


  1. You take the best pics of Austin. Can you go on our next vacation as our personal photographer?