Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Spirit of Homeopathic Medicines

As many of you know, I study homeopathy ALL the time.  There is almost always a pile of homeopathy books on my bedside table.  It is my OTHER passion.

It is our medicine of choice and more often than not, it is what we turn to whenever we are sick or having emotional issues we can't move through.

If you do not know much about it or have used it without much luck, I think you should learn more about it.  When used properly and with the right dosing it is by far the MOST effective medicine I have ever used.  Even beyond our western medicine.

I am always amazed when I get the remedy right and we see instant results.  I have treated the flu and seen my children get over being unbelievably sick in a matter of minutes.  Stomach flus are no match for the right remedy.  And bee stings... how any one has ever lived without Apis, I just don't know.

Homeopathy isn't the miracle cure and it does not keep us from growing old or from getting sick, but it certainly helps and best of all it helps our bodies do what they are naturally capable of - healing themselves.

Recently, I have been studying homeopathic constitutions.  Our constitutions are the underlying current of our bodies.  More often than not, when our constitution gets out of balance our bodies present the same symptoms over and over and we also tend to have the same emotional symptoms over and over.  We can use our constitutional remedy to help keep our bodies in balance.  Naturally, these change over time and due to life conditions. As one layer heals a deeper layer arrives.  Treating constitutions is much like peeling off the layers of an onion until you reach the center.

THIS is what fascinates me about homeopathy.  It works with us, rather than for us.

I am almost ALWAYS on the lookout for homeopathy books and when I find one that I am excited about, I HAVE to share it!

This book presents the "pictures" of the remedies in a story type manner so that you can PICTURE the issues better.  I am completely enthralled by it as it is a starting place for a much bigger perspective. I have other books on constitutions but this one helps get you started with a brief explanation to whittle it down to only one or two then you can delve deeper into the more descriptive books to really see if the picture fits the patient.  It creates a great starting point for the constitutional picture as well as the acute remedy picture!  

I highly recommend this book to my fellow students of homeopathy.  

The best thing to me about this book is that I bought it on a whim.  There wasn't much information about it, but it seemed like it could be another great reference to have when I am stuck and it turns out it is going to be one of my first go to books.  Don't you just love when things like that happen?

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  1. Sarah, I love homeopathic remedies too and have used them prior to and following most of my surgeries to reduce bruising, help cut & traumatized bone to heal, etc. Thanks for the wonderful book review.