Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Gift of a Day

Yesterday was the start of my 36th trip around the sun, my birthday.

It was a great day.

I did Absolutely NOTHING in the eyes of the world, but EVERYTHING through mine.  

The kids spent Thursday night with my folks. They were out of the house all day. Jason was at work until 2:30.  

I took the day off from work and did whatever I wanted to do.   

There was no cleaning, cooking, laundry, or driving in my plans for the day.

 I watched shows only I like on the television rather than on the laptop screen because no one else was here and I could.  While watching t.v. I sewed on beads. 

When Jason got home he worked in the garden and I watched from my quilt that was on the ground with my beads spread all around me. I sewed each one on at a time while bathing in the warmth of the sun. 

It was a perfect Spring day.

For dinner, we picked up my grandmother and met my folks and the kids for pizza.  After we ate, we all went back to my grandmother's house for cake and presents.  (I got a NOOK color - I'm so excited!!!! The kids gave me all the icing left over from my cake. They know how much I love India's homemade icing - my waist does not but my mouth certainly does - yum!!!)

Check out the cake!  The kids decorated it for me by themselves!

The day ended with us all coming home full and happy.  The house filled back up with laughter and I felt complete.  I was relaxed and happy for the experience of the 35 years behind me that have led to this moment.

It was a great day.
Exactly what I wanted.

(Today's technical note: The tip of my finger hurts from sewing on beads and I'm not done, but I'm almost done.)

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