Tuesday, October 7, 2008

the road less traveled?

On Friday, Jason took the day off and we took a drive to the mountains. We stopped off at Tallulah Gorge for a short break at an overlook. Our intention when we left was to go to Three Forks in Clayton, but once we reached the forest service road that takes you up the mountain to the beginning of the trail, we discovered the road was closed. (Should have checked on line first, but we didn't) Thankfully, there was someone on the mountain with a map of other roads that we could use to get there. The thing was that it was 5 miles back the way we came, then a couple miles up a forest service road and then we had to turn onto another forest service road that was definitely NOT traveled much. It was bumpy and there was grass growing in the road. We are troopers though and took it to see where it led in hopes of making it to three forks. After a while, we sort of realized we were probably a long ways still from the trail head, so we found a nice spot to stop and got out. It was a campground that someone has used somewhere along the way. We are thinking we might try to go back there some day. The first thing we noticed about this spot was the mushrooms. I took pictures of at least 12 different mushrooms. It was so cool and damp and there was water. I kept thinking the bears of the mountains were eating really good here... It was nice to be away from the sounds of people on a road few travel.This is a picture of the stream that ran by the campground. This place was riddled with mushrooms. They were everywhere. We really had to watch our step to not crush them and I'm sure there were plenty of little ones we didn't see.The kids and Hubb appreciating a giant tulip poplar. There were also some Black Walnut trees that were huge. I sometimes forget how big trees can get with little human interaction...
Tree Fern. India set Daddy right on this one. She's obviously learning something in her plant ID class at ACE. He thought this was moss, but she told him it was tree fern. At closer inspection, she was right. Go India!This is the largest mushroom I have ever seen. The picture really doesn't do it justice, but it was about a foot across and the stalk was about an inch thick.One thing I can honestly say about India is she loves to be in the woods. She is super at home just exploring.Kalib liked the shadows the trees were casting on him.

Tree pose... honoring the magic and wisdom of these ancient ones...Mom wishing Daddy wasn't taking her picture.

On the way home we stopped off at our favorite (everyone but India's) BBQ place. Oinkers. The BBQ there melts in your mouth and the people who work there are all so nice. If you are ever up towards Clayton and you like good BBQ...it's towards Athens on 441 just south of Clayton. Just thinking about it makes me ready to take another drive back up there just for the BBQ...

To see the rest of the pictures and the many mushrooms we saw you can click go to our picassa web album

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