Thursday, October 9, 2008

A new friend and other things...

On Monday, we went shopping in Commerce with my mom. She bought the kids a ton of new clothes and I got the kids new shoes. It is a lot of help that my folks help us out with buying the kids clothes. There are not a lot of 2nd hand clothes out there for boys I guess boys are just harder on clothes and they probably don't have as many clothes as girls. I know Kalib certainly is. They were both totally thrilled with everything they got which of course makes me very happy to see our kids happy.

On Tuesday evening, we went to Oglethorpe Elementary where we met India's new friend Ella and her mom and her 2 sisters. (She met Ella at ACE and through Hazel) I was unaware of all the trails behind there, but we are definitely going to make a point of getting over there more often. There is an old playground with real deal monkey bars and all kinds of things to climb on not just run around on. You remember the kind you always stressed your kid falling off of and breaking a leg? Well, the kind our folks worried about us falling off of. I love it! It was nice to see the kids so in their bodies as the flipped on bars and pulled themselves around on them. And it was nice to connect with another family and India is excited to have another friend that is homeschooled and I'm excited to have another mom friend that I can talk to about homeschooling and life.

We also are very proud of Kalib. He has officially caught the reading bug! He just can't enough. We worried and worried (such typical parents) if he would ever join the rest of us in this house and really enjoy reading and he officially has. I picked him up some graphic novel choose your own adventure books last week and he has already gone on every adventure in both of then, the on Monday while we were in Commerce we stopped off at a bookstore and I picked him up a whole bunch of books and he is just a little bookworm and of course I love that, being a bookworm myself. He goes to bed reading and wakes up reading and it is such a joy to see him lounging around with a book in hand. GO Kalib!

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  1. That is so awesome about Kalib's reading. It seems like so long since Hazel started reading, so sometimes I take it for granted. But it is such an exciting thing to watch! I can't wait to see Stella get there too.

    Oh and I knew you guys would like that park! I bet Kalib was all over those monkey bars!