Thursday, September 4, 2008

Spanish at the Zoo

On Tuesday, we met at Bear Hollow Zoo to have Spanish class. This was our first official Spanish field trip. Dalcy (their Spanish teacher) came with sheets that had the animal names in Spanish and as we looked at animals, they had to figure out which one it was on the list. Some were easy to figure out and others were not so easy. They also had to answer questions in Spanish that Dalcy as them. It was really cool to listen to them communicating easily in Spanish. I learned a lot and we got super lucky that Hubb came along and spent the day with us.

Here's the group looking for the otters. They were not out and about.

Otter in Spanish is La nutria

Eagle is El aguila

BobCat - el gato salvage (this is a fat bobcat - they look so sweet it is hard to believe this cat could kill you if it needed to.)

trying to figure out bears which is El oso (I couldn't get a picture of the bears, they were in their homes)

Crocodile (this is actually an alligator, but Dalcy wasn't sure which the zoo had, so we learned crocodile) is El cocodrilo
My favorite at the zoo other than the otters, the groundhog or woodchuck is call El Torcas
La tortugas basking in the sun
El Pato