Sunday, January 16, 2011

snow... again

Being a southerner it is supposed to be awesome when we get snow. For me, it is not. Now, I don't mean to be a total downer about it, I do like it - when it comes on the weekend, but for me I run a delivery company and it is hard on us financially and trying to figure out when the roads are safe enough to put people back on them and all the scheduling and all the stress that comes with it - along with the longer work hours (which take me away from my favorite place - home with my kids) is NO fun for me.
Last Sunday, I went to a lovely sauna with some dear friends and I got home just in time to miss the beginning of the snow. I took a bath to wash off all the sweat and yuck that comes along with sweating and when I got out of the bath I peeked outside and there was already 2 inches of snow on the ground. I knew we were in for it.
You will remember (if you know me that is) that 2 years ago, we had a big snow storm that left us without power for 5 days, so we try to plan for it. The key word there is TRY, but were we this time? Certainly not - all the weather forecasters said it was going to be a serious snow storm and they weren't kidding. I had gone to the grocery store on Wednesday before (not because of the impending snow storm though) so we were well stocked, but we didn't check out flash lights or make sure we had candles or fire wood, not that fire wood would actually keep us warm in our house - it certainly didn't last time. We had already set ourselves to leaving and going somewhere that had power rather than trying to tough it out this time - IF the power went out. THANKFULLY, we did not lose any power this time. It got cold enough to turn the snow into ice for the week, but the wind blew everything out of the trees, so no power outages this time. We stayed warm in the house, BUT our porch had 9 inches of snow on it. We almost couldn't open the door and I did have to shovel snow off the back porch in order for Tonka to get outside. I have never seen that much snow in the 35 years I have lived in Georgia. We spent a lot of time inside. I was able to get a lot of quilting done - I finished the piece I was working on (pictures of that later in the week). We were housebound pretty much for the week, which you would think would lead to lots of posts from me, but instead, I was busy cooking, keeping the house clean, working and exhausted from it, quilting, and hanging out with my 3 favorite people.

So, here are a few photos that India took. I really didn't get out much in the cold this time as I had a cold and was too tired from work and the stress that came with it, but the kids had a blast and for that, I am thankful. They wore out the sledding tubes, so I've got to order some new sleds that won't wear out. I heard that if there is snow on the ground for more than 3 days then we can expect more later, so we've got to get on that! I want to make sure the kids don't miss out on a bit of fun.

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