Friday, January 15, 2010


In our house, Thursday is date night... date night with a kid. Jason and Kalib head off to skate at Zion (think I've mentioned that before) and India and I usually try to do something whether it is eat out, rent a chick flick, go shopping, something... the point is we get one on one time with a kid! It is such a treat for us. It has become a part of my week I really look forward to. I have so much fun in the time I get to spend with India. We talk a lot about movies, friends, ideas, books, you name it. Sometimes we talk about embarrassing things, sometimes we talk about funny things, sometimes we philosophize about life. It's just a special time between us. Jason and Kalib spend time skating and listening to heavy metal music. I'm always surprised by what Kalib knows from his time with Jason and they bond in their way too. When we first came up with the idea, I had no idea how special that time together would become to me or how the kids would like it. We are working on finding ways to switch it up occasionally, but Jason and Kalib skate with some other guys on Thursdays, so it just works out... Last night, India and I went to see Sherlock Holmes...

She is such a fan of Sherlock Holmes. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle is her favorite writer and she has been anticipating getting to see the movie and compare it to the books. Naturally, she said the books are better. We enjoyed the movie with cokes and popcorn and snuggling in the very back of the theater. I was a little nervous that it might be too violent or too scary and for the more timid, it might be, but India knew what to expect and she kept me up to speed throughout the entire film, so much so that I'm excited to say I am rereading The Adventures Of Sherlock Holmes. It has been many many years since I read those books, and I don't really remember them, but I'm excited to delve into them again and she is excited that I am excited! India has such a love of classic literature. She loves the language and the descriptions which as a homeschooling parent, just thrills me to no end. The way the classics are written is so eloquent without a lot of slang and the history which I think is what India really loves about them. So... she has me eager to read some with her and step away from the nonfiction I seem so unable to escape. There is so little time and so much to learn...

Can't wait to see what next Thursday holds for us!


  1. Wasn't it such a fun movie!! Jude Law is perhaps the best screen Watson--evah.

    I love that you have kid date nights! That's awesome.

  2. I expect she'll be up for seeing it again with me.