Wednesday, January 13, 2010

chicken update

I don't have any pictures today, mostly because I'm slack, but I thought I would give an "official" update on the girls. We are down to 6. The neighbors dog ate most of them, but after a LOT of help from Animal Control, they either have to keep him pinned up or they have to surrender him to the Animal Control. It was really ridiculous. We kept calling Animal Control and trying to do things the right way and finally they came through for us... Unfortunately, it took Chester (that's the dogs name) eating 7 of my girls before any real change happened, and I'm still really paranoid, but we hear him barking every night. He has to be making the neighbors miserable. They were even mad because animal control MADE them have him neutered. I don't even know what to think of that. For now, he is under control and the neighbors seem motivated to keep him that way. We still go out numerous times a day to make sure the ladies are still in the yard and that there are 6 of them.

The big chicken news around here is that the Americana girls (we have 2) are now laying eggs. They lay little blue eggs. A little smaller than the brown or white eggs you buy in the store, but it is really rewarding to cook them up and eat them, though it's always about who gets to eat the egg right now. I'm sure that will become old hat once the other 4 start laying. I have to admit I'm like an excited kid, I go out multiple times a day to see if there are any eggs and I am always beyond thrilled when I find one. The other girls should start laying anytime.

I love having chickens. I love the sounds they make, I love the way they come out of coop and how excited they are when we open the door, I love how they rush over every time we come outside in hopes of us having food for them! They bring me such joy! They bring us all such joy. And they all have such different personalities. Who knew?!

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