Sunday, January 10, 2010

it's a new year

So, obviously, blogging has not been my thing lately. We got the desk top back up and running, but I still haven't managed to get on here and put anything at all up. We have been busy, busy hanging out, watching movies, playing games, knitting, building fires, eating yummy food, that I simply haven't taken the time to blog... oh yeah... we also had some company thrown in there along with Christmas. Life is good. We are back into our routines after the holidays, feeling good, the house has been overhauled (although we still haven't managed to haul everything we decided we didn't need anymore off).

Christmas was awesome this year - I'm usually such a scrooge about it, but this year it was nice and quiet. We decided to follow in the footsteps of our dear friends Jennifer and Jason Bray and give gifts to the kids the way they do, so each kid got an item to wear, a toy, and a book (although I'm no good at buying just one book, so they actually got two books). India got a purple hooded jacket with fur around the hood and it is lined with the soft fleecy fabric to keep her stylin' and profilin' and warm, she got the 3rd book in the Gilda Joyce series and Memoirs of Teenage Amnesiac. (I love buying books). Kalib got some new elbow pads for skate boarding because we are always having to pay to rent them when he goes to Zion Skate Park, we got him a new Calvin and Hobbes book as well as The Lightening Thief. The big surprise this year that totally rocked their worlds, is we are building them a tree house. I don't have pictures of it yet, but all it lacks right now is the roof! It's far enough away from the house that the kids will have autonomy when they are out there, but close enough that they can hear me from the house. Unfortunately, it's not actually in a tree, it is more like a free standing porch in the woods, but with pines being all we really have out there, it is a good tree house. Jason has done a really great job on it and hopefully the weather will warm back up enough for Jason to get the roof done and they can paint it and start some new adventures.

Jason and I got a weekend getaway and we are hoping to go to Asheville, NC, hopefully sometime in February... maybe we'll see some snow not in GA.

So, here are some pictures to bring you up to date...
our tree


Our stockings:

The Christmas Parade (it was cold then too):

We got to see Jane and Pat in it:

Christmas eve at Gramas:


Christmas morning before heading over to Gaga and Gobby's (Can you believe I actually forgot to take my camera over there?)

Jack Skelington dressed for New Year's Eve:

Shane, Elise, and Sofia came to visit! What a treat!

New Year's Eve:


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