Friday, December 18, 2009

a month today

It's been exactly one month today since i posted on here. I guess I needed some time away, but then our desktop died which I stored my pictures on, so I can't upload any right now because I don't want to store them on our lap top and we do have an external hard drive, but I had been putting all my new pictures on the desk top (foolish I know). Thankfully, the computer is still under warranty for one more month, so next week - top priority other than Christmas is to try to get it running again. Things keep breaking around here and the rain is relentless. Sometimes it is just hard to be thankful, but today, I am thankful for not always having to be thankful and see the merit in that too. Life is good. The kids are happy we are happy. Christmas is around the corner, I have quilt commissions coming out my ears and I can't wait to get to work on them. I'm knitting like crazy and just staying in and trying to stay warm and dry. I'll have pictures on my latest quilt in a day or two (actually I just finished 2 quilts, so I'll have pictures for you of them both in a few days...)

Check back... once I get the desk top going I've some pics of our field trip to see mummies...

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