Monday, January 18, 2010

kitchen recap

Ever since my kitchen got a much needed face lift a few months ago (you can see the old post here)folks ask what the state of my kitchen is in NOW?! Well, I'm happy to say that it still is super clean and looking great! It's always being used, so it doesn't stay perfectly clean. While I was in Costa Rica, Jennifer Bray, made me some curtains for over the sink... they are made from the fabric I used to pick out the colors for the kitchen...

The cabinets are still staying clean and straight...

The recycling looks awesome and has been wonderful! It doesn't pile up the way it used to and it stays well hidden... This has been one of the best changes we could have ever done for the kitchen. Beforehand it was always piling up on the counter, then on the front porch until it was overflowing into the yard and then it would get hauled off. I can't say enough about how awesome it is!

The plastics are still staying nicely stacked and we can always find a lid another problem we consistently had before the overhaul in the kitchen.

I bought a soap dispenser (which Jason laughed at me for taking a picture of it). I hate the plastic kitchen sink soaps and how they junk up the kitchen, so now our sink soap looks so nice...

I have also bought a dish dryer which is something else I have seriously been wanting, but I wanted the right one, and how I have it and the pots and pans don't pile up so bad in the sink...

Last, but not least, I put a basket for our cell phone chargers because as great as sticking them in the drawer is when they are done charging, I usually forget and end up leaving them out on the counter, now they look nicely AND they are well hidden...

The overall best part of the kitchen, which I thank the Cleaning Club and Ashley for more than anything is the overall effect the kitchen has had on the whole house! Because we love our kitchen again and because everything in it is in a place that makes sense, we clean it up regularly and because it is clean, it keeps us motivated to keep the rest of the house clean which helps keep our lives running a lot smoother - especially during the week! The help received with kitchen is help that just keeps on helping. There are not words to express my gratitude to the ladies who helped me with it and there are not words to explain how wonderful it is and the impact it has had on our lives. Learning to receive help when you need it is a lesson well learned and to be able to do it with joy with friends is the best! THANK YOU LADIES!!!! You changed my life! I cook happily and clean it up happily and that is the MOST I could have ask for and I got so much more! I LOVE LOVE LOVE you!

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