Thursday, June 30, 2011

A Leaf Here and A Leaf There

I've started making the leaves to go on the poppy stems and through the process of working on the leaves I am now able to better envision where the poppy seed heads and the poppy buds are going to go. 

It does not look like it is going to need very many as the top of the quilt is looking pretty full thanks to the flowers, but it definitely is going to need a few.

In the process of figuring it all out I realized I will have to sew one down at a time and do all the stitch work individually or they aren't going to look very "natural." 

I'm trying to achieve a bit of depth with the leaves and stems. It's slow going, but I feel certain this small amount of extra effort will pay off in the end - as it often does. 

There are so many little details I have to think about and this is only the background!

No one can ever say I am not a detail oriented person.

Thankfully, working on this quilt is all I have to do this week and we have NO plans for the weekend as of right now.  Thought, I must admit since it will be a four day weekend I wouldn't mind heading off for a hike somewhere with the kids.

See you tomorrow!  

I'm off to work on my quilt.

1 comment:

  1. Love those poppies! I definately see a poppy wallhanging in my future...yours is stunning.