Wednesday, June 22, 2011

More Poppies

I have finished up fusing the poppies and am moving on to the stems, leaves, and buds.

Once I get the rest of the plant down then I plan to go back and add some more shading and petal veins to the flowers. I am holding off on that for now because I want to wait until I have everything down. Who knows how it will come together once I am sitting at my machine and fusing the leaves.

I like the idea of being open to letting it evolve on its own while I am working on it.  My ideas change moment by moment when my hands are touching it and feeling it.

To me, Poppies represent potential - and a LOT of it.  They produce a tremendous amount of seed in one seed head.   There is so much possibility in one small poppy seed head. 

And the plant itself is astonishing in that such a beautiful flower can grow from something as small as a poppy seed.  It reminds me of the potential of even the smallest things happening around us that can blossom into beauty and joy when given the right conditions to grow.

Poppies are also flowers one cannot help but notice in the garden or on the roadside. They make such a statement when you pass them by.

They are sweet, but passionate.


I'm keeping my eye on the sky today as it keeps trying to burst forth some sweet summer rain.  If we get it without the thunder and lightening I may get outside with the kids and play in the rain today.

Until tomorrow! I hope it rains!


  1. Beautiful! Love the contrast of the poppies on the background. Can't wait to see more.

  2. Wonderful so far....cant wait to see how it develops!!!

  3. Its quite adorable. I am looking forward to its grow.